Question: On the first day of the year the City of

On the first day of the year, the City of Wolfe bought $20,000 of equipment with a five-year life and no salvage value for its school system. It was capitalized but no other entries were ever made. The machine was monitored using the modified approach.
a. What was the correct overall change in the net assets in the government-wide financial statements?
b. What was the total of correct net expenses for education in the government-wide statements?

The government-wide financial statements indicated the following Year 4 totals:
Education had net expenses of $710,000.
Parks had net expenses of $130,000.
Art museum had net revenues of $80,000.
General revenues were $900,000; the overall increase in net assets was $140,000.
The fund-based financial statements issued for Year 4 indicated the following:
The General Fund had an increase of $30,000 in its fund balance.
The Capital Projects Fund had an increase of $40,000 in its fund balance.
The Enterprise Fund had an increase of $60,000 in its net assets.
Officials for Wolfe define “available” as current financial resources to be paid or collected within 60 days.

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