Once a student graduates from college a whole new set
Once a student graduates from college, a whole new set of issues and concerns seem to come into play. A Charles Schwab survey of 1252 adults, ages 22–28, was done by Lieberman Research Worldwide. The results were reported in the USA Today Snapshot “Most important issues facing young adults” on May 5, 2009, and are as follows:
Issues Percent
Making better money-management choices...... 52%
Strengthening family relationships ......... 18%
Protecting the environment......... 11%
Balancing work and personal life......... 10%
Improving nutrition/health ......... 9%
a. Construct a circle graph showing this information.
b. Construct a bar graph showing this information.
c. Compare the appearance of the circle graph drawn in part a with the bar graph drawn in part b. Which one best represents the relationship between the various issues?
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