Question: One aspect of the new system under development at Holiday

One aspect of the new system under development at Holiday Travel Vehicles will be the direct entry of the sales invoice into the computer system by the salesperson as the purchase transaction is being completed. In the current system, the salesperson fills out the paper form shown here.
Design and prototype an input screen that will permit the salesperson to enter all the necessary information for the sales invoice. The following information may be helpful in your design process: Assume that Holiday Travel Vehicles sells recreational vehicles and trailers from four different manufacturers. Each manufacture has a fixed number of names and models of RVs and trailers. For the purposes of your prototype, use this format:
Mfg-A Name-1 Model-X
Mfg-A Name-1 Model-Y
Mfg-A Name-1 Model-Z
Mfg-B Name-1 Model-X
Mfg-B Name-1 Model-Y
Mfg-B Name-2 Model-X
Mfg-B Name-2 Model-Y
Mfg-B Name-2 Model-Z
Mfg-C Name-1 Model-X
Mfg-C Name-1 Model-Y
Mfg-C Name-1 Model-Z
Mfg-C Name-2 Model-X
Mfg-C Name-3 Model-X
Mfg-D Name-1 Model-X
Mfg-D Name-2 Model-X
Mfg-D Name-2 Model-Y

Also, assume that there are 10 different dealer options which could be installed on a vehicle at the customer’s request. The company currently has 10 salespeople onstaff.

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