One method used to compare au­thors or to determine authorship on unsigned writing is to look at the frequency with which words of dif­ferent lengths appear in a piece of text. For this exercise, you are going to compare your own writing with that of the author of this book.
a. Using the first full paragraph of this chapter (not the Thought Questions), create a pie chart with three segments, showing the relative frequency of words of 1 to 3 letters, 4 to 5 letters, and 6 or more letters in length. (Do not include the numbered list after the paragraph.)
b. Find a paragraph of your own writing of at least 50 words. Repeat part (a) of this exercise for your own writing.
c. Display the data in parts (a) and (b) of this exercise using a single bar graph that includes the information for both writers.
d. Discuss how your own writing style is similar to or different from that of the author of this book, as evidenced by the pictures in parts (a) to (c).
e. Name one advantage of displaying the information in two pie charts and one advantage of displaying the information in a single bar graph.

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