Question: One of the best indicators of a baby s health is

One of the best indicators of a baby’s health is his or her weight at birth. In the United States, mothers who live in poverty generally have babies with lower birth weights than those who do not live in poverty. Although the average birth weight for babies born in the United States is approximately 3300 grams, the birth weight for babies of women living in poverty is 2800 grams with a standard deviation of 500 grams. Recently, a local hospital introduced an innovative new prenatal care program to reduce the number of low-birth-weight babies born in the hospital. At the end of the first year, the birth weights of 25 randomly selected babies were collected; all of the babies were born to women who lived in poverty and participated in the program. Their mean birth weight was 3075 grams. The question posed to you, the researcher, is, “Has there been a significant improvement in the birth weights of babies born to poor women?” Use. Source:
a. Define the parameter.
b. State the null and alternative hypotheses.
c. Specify the hypothesis test criteria.
d. Present the sample evidence.
e. Find the probability distribution information.
f. Determine the results.

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