One of the most common mistakes made by new analysts
One of the most common mistakes made by new analysts is to confuse functional and nonfunctional requirements. Pretend that you received the following list of requirements for a sales system:
Requirements for Proposed System:
The system should.
1. be accessible to Web users.
2. Include the company standard logo and color scheme.
3. Restrict access to profitability information.
4. Include actual and budgeted cost information.
5. Provide management reports.
6. Include sales information that is updated at least daily.
7. Have 2-second maximum response time for predefined queries and 10-minute maximum response time for ad hoc queries.
8. Include information from all company subsidiaries.
9. Print subsidiary reports in the primary language of the subsidiary.
10. Provide monthly rankings of salesperson performance.

1. Which requirements are functional business requirements? Provide two additional examples.
2. Which requirements are nonfunctional business requirements? What kind of nonfunctional requirements are they? Provide two additional examples.

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