One of the potentially powerful advantages of m commerce is the
One of the potentially powerful advantages of m-commerce is the ability of sellers to target of fers to consumers when they are in close proximity to the seller. This is made possible based on smart phone technology that tracks the exact geographical locations of their users. For example, if a consumer is near a Staples Office Superstore, a text message can be automatically sent to the consumer’s smart phone about a special offer on, say, print cartridges and paper. The technology that has made such m-commerce based proximity marketing possible was developed by startups such as ShopKick, Where, and Loopt, as well as by giants such as AT&T’s ShopAlerts. Although available to anyone with a smart phone, the proximity alerts will only be sent to consumers who have sig nedup for the program. Do you think this type of m-commerce is an important channel option for consumers and sellers? Why or why not?
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