One of the questions asked in a Gallup poll taken in May, 2012, in the United States was: “All in all, if you had your choice, would you want to be rich, or not?” (New­port, 2012). (A previous ques­tion had asked respondents if they thought they were rich, and the 2% who said yes were not asked this question.) Of the 1008 people asked this question, 635 said yes, they would want to be rich.
a. What is the sample proportion of respondents who said yes, they would want to be rich?
b. Find the standard error to accompany the proportion you found in part (a).
c. Use your answers from parts (a) and (b) to construct a 95% confidence interval for the population proportion who want to be rich.
d. Interpret the confidence interval found in part (c) by writing a few sentences explaining what it means.

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