Question: One of the ways in which advertisers measure the value

One of the ways in which advertisers measure the value of television commercials is by telephone surveys conducted shortly after commercials are aired. Respondents who watched a certain television station at a given time period, during which the commercial appeared, are asked whether they can recall the name of the product in the commercial. Suppose an advertiser wants to compare the recall proportions of two commercials. The first commercial is relatively inexpensive. A second commercial shown a week later is quite expensive to produce. The advertiser decides that the second commercial is viable only if its recall proportion is more than 15% higher than the recall proportion of the first commercial. Two surveys of 500 television viewers each were conducted after each commercial was aired. Each person was asked whether he or she remembered the product name. The results are stored in columns 1 (commercial 1) and 2 (commercial 2) (2 = remembered the product name, 1 = did not remember the product name). Can we infer that the second commercial is viable?

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