Question: One pivot table element we didn t explain is a calculated

One pivot table element we didn’t explain is a calculated item. This is usually a new category for some categorical variable that is created from existing categories. It is easiest to learn from an example. Open the file Elecmart Sales.xlsx from this section, create a pivot table, and put Day in the row area. Proceed as follows to create two new categories, Weekday and Weekend.
a. Select any day and select Calculated Item from the Formulas dropdown list on the PivotTable Tools Options ribbon. This will open a dialog box. Enter Weekend in the Name box and enter the formula = Sat + Sun in the formula box. When you click on OK, you will see Weekend in the pivot table.
b. Do it yourself. Create another calculated item, Weekday, for Mon through Fri.
c. Filter out all of the individual days from the row area, so that only Weekday and Weekend remain, and then find the sum of TotalCost for these two new categories. How can you check whether these sums are what you think they should be?

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