Open EndRunGuide pdf which contains the EndRun Financial Services
Open EndRunGuide. pdf, which contains the EndRun Financial Services “ Guide to Investing.” Review the guide, paying close attention to the company’s investment claims and supporting data and then answer the following.
1. How does the presentation of the general information about EndRun in this guide affect your perception of the business?
2. Is EndRun’s claim about having more winners than losers a fair and accurate reflection of the quality of its investment service? If you do not think that the claim is a fair and accurate one, provide an alternate presentation that you think is fair and accurate.
3. Review the discussion about EndRun’s “Big Eight Difference” and then open and examine the attached sample of mutual funds. Are there any other relevant data from that file that could have been included in the Big Eight table? How would the new data alter your perception of End- Run’s claims?
4. EndRun is proud that all Big Eight funds have gained in value over the past five years. Do you agree that EndRun should be proud of its selections? Why or why not?
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