Question: Open end Fund A has 165 shares of ATT valued at

Open-end Fund A has 165 shares of ATT valued at $ 35 each and 50 shares of Toro valued at $ 45 each. Closed-end Fund B has 75 shares of ATT and 100 shares of Toro. Both funds have 1,000 shares outstanding.
a. What is the NAV of each fund using these prices?
b. If the price of ATT stock increases to $ 36.25 and the price of Toro stock declines to $ 43.375, how does that impact the NAV of both funds?
c. Assume that another 155 shares of ATT valued at $ 35 are added to Fund A. The funds needed to buy the new shares are obtained by selling 676 more shares in Fund A. What is the effect on Fund A’s NAV if the prices remain unchanged from the original prices?

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