Opening Case Self awareness Can Help Your Career Two women who
Opening Case: Self-awareness Can Help Your Career Two women who possess a high degree of self-awareness, Reneé Trubiao and Kelly Roy, are profiled. Reneé is a marketing manager for Maracay Homes, while Kelly is the Vice President of Customer Loyalty for Infusion Software. Traits used to describe Reneé are bubbly, outgoing and “open” to new experiences and the ideas of others. She is very passionate about her job and is creative when approaching it. She is able to change her work style to match the needs of her co-workers and knows the value of effective interpersonal relationships at work. Like Reneé, Kelly is also described as being creative, passionate and an extrovert. Similarly, Kelly is also able to change her work style to match the needs of her co-workers. Furthermore, she displays empathy for the needs of the customers. She relies on mentors to help her step back and look at herself to be self-aware. All of these characteristics have undoubtedly contributed to their career success.

What personal characteristics and traits have helped Reneé Trubiao and Kelly Roy succeed in the business world? Explain. Discussion responses are subject to a word count for substance.

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