Optical fibers are used in telecommunications to transmit light. Suppose current technology allows production of fibers that transmit light about 50 km. Researchers are trying to develop a new type of glass fiber that will increase this distance. In evaluating a new fiber, it is of interest to test H0: µ = 50 versus Ha: µ > 50, with µ denoting the mean transmission distance for the new optical fiber.
a. Assuming σ = 10 and n = 10, use Appendix Table 5 to find b, the probability of a Type II error, for each of the given alternative values of µ when a test with significance level .05 is employed:
i. 52
ii. 55
iii. 60
iv. 70
b. What happens to b in each of the cases in Part (a) if s is actually larger than 10? Explain your reasoning.

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