Question: Orange Corp a high technology company utilizes the following procedures for

Orange Corp., a high-technology company, utilizes the following procedures for recording materials and transferring them to work in process.
(1) Upon receipt of raw materials by stores, the storekeeper prepares a stock-in report with part number and quantities, files the original by date, and sends a copy to accounting.
(2) The inventory accounting clerk uses the stock-in report to post the perpetual inventory records using standard costs and files the stock-in report by date.
(3) Raw materials requisitions, which show part number and quantity, are prepared by the manufacturing clerk and approved by the supervisor of manufacturing. A copy of the requisition is sent to accounting, and the original is filed by job order.
(4) The inventory accounting clerk reviews the requisitions for completeness, transfers the cost from raw materials to work in process, and files the requisitions by date.
Prepare a flowchart that describes the client’s system of recording raw materials and transferring them to work in process.

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