Question: Organic Growers Inc is a successful grower of summer fruits

Organic Growers Inc. is a successful grower of summer fruits and vegetables. The company has a seasonal business that starts in June and ends in October. The owners use a vast agricultural terrain to grow a variety of vegetables and fruits. They employ four workers to help during the planting season and to pick the vegetables and fruits as they become ready for consumption. To save on the cost of harvesting the produce, the owners allow customers to pick the produce they like from the field and then collect the cash for the goods sold. They also have a small store where they keep small quantities of produce for sale to customers who do not wish to pick the produce themselves. Receipts for the purchased goods are given only to those who ask for the
m. During the summer, the owners accumulate enough cash to pay for farm supplies at the time they are delivered. They do so to avoid wasting time preparing cheques and balancing the chequebook.
How can Organic Growers strengthen its internal control over cash and improve on its overall cash management?

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