Question: Over the last decade one of the most successful global

Over the last decade, one of the most successful global firms has been General Electric. Go to the company’s website at, and review its latest annual report. Pay close attention to the MNC’s international operations and to its product lines. Also read about the new members on the board of director, and look through the information on the company’s Six Sigma program. Then, aware of what GE is doing worldwide as well as in regard to its quality efforts, answer these questions:
1. On how many continents does the company currently do business? Based on this answer, is there one leadership style that will work best for the company, or is it going to have to choose managers on a country-by-country basis?
Additionally, if there is no one universal style that is best, how can current CEO Jeffrey Immelt effectively lead so diverse a group of worldwide managers? In what way would an understanding of the managerial grid be useful in explaining leadership behaviors at GE? Finally, if GE were advertising for new managers in England, Italy, and Japan, what qualities would you expect the firm to be seeking in these managers? Would there be a universal list, or would lists differ on a country-by-country basis?

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