Over the years, attendance at the International Tele communications Conference in Brussels, hosted annually by the five largest firms in the telecommunications industry, has followed an approximately normal pattern, with a mean of 1560 attendees and a standard deviation of 240.
a. Using this distribution to estimate attendance at the next conference, determine how likely it is that attendance will be at least 1500.
b. How likely is it that attendance will be no more than 1250.
c. The final day’s activity will be held in a large ballroom, with everyone in attendance. Organizers have rented 1900 chairs. How likely is it that this will not be enough chairs to seat all the attendees?
d. If all 1900 chairs are set up, how likely is it that seating will be at least 250 chairs short?
e. How many chairs should have been rented to ensure that the probability of not having enough chairs to seat everyone will be no more than 2%?

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