Palantir Corp sells specialized equipment to the healthcare industry Palantir
Palantir Corp. sells specialized equipment to the healthcare industry. Palantir pays its sales agents a salary plus a 5% commission on sales. Sales agents employed by the company sold 10 Osgilith MRI machines during January 2017. The MRI machine sells for $ 45,600 due at the end of 12 months. Alternatively, customers may elect to pay $ 40,000 at delivery and installation. All customers purchasing machines during January elected to pay at the end of the 12 month period.
1. Determine the transaction price of the Osgilith MRI machines, and discuss how Palantir would account for the sales commission.
2. Discuss whether the delayed payment contract contains a significant financing component.
3. Prepare the journal entries for 2017 for the Osgilith MRI machines sold by Palantir to customers who elect the delayed payment option. Assume that Palantir determines that an appropriate annual discount rate for the transaction is 14%.
4. Prepare the 2017 journal entries that Palantir would make for the 10 Osgilith MRI machines that are sold if customers elect to pay at delivery.
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