Question: Par Birdie Eagle Inc is an Internet retailer of golf

Par, Birdie, Eagle, Inc. is an Internet retailer of golf equipment. Customers order golf equipment from the company, using an online catalog. The company processes these orders and delivers the requested product from its warehouse. The company wants to provide customers with an excellent purchase experience in order to expand the business through favorable word-of-mouth advertising and to drive repeat business. To help monitor performance, the company developed a set of performance measures for its order placement and delivery process.
Average computer response time to customers “clicks”
Dollar amount of returned goods
elapsed time between customer order and product delivery
maintenance dollars divided by hardware investment
Number of customer complaints divided by the number of orders
Number of misfiled orders divided by the number of orders
Number of orders per warehouse employee
Number of page faults or errors due to software programming errors
Number of software fixes per week
Server (computer) downtime
Training dollars per programmer

a. For each performance measure, identify it as either an input or output measure related to the “order placement and delivery” process.
b. Provide an explanation for each performance measure.

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