Parker Feeders manufactures bird feeders for wild bird specialty stores. In September, Parker Feeders received an order from Wild Birds, Inc., for 30 platform bird feeders. The order from Wild Birds, Inc., became Job Number 1102 at Parker Feeders. A materials requisition for Job 1102 is presented in the following section. In addition to the materials requisition, the labor time records (partial) for the week during which these feeders were made are presented. Other products were also being produced during that week, so not all of the labor from that week belongs to Job 1102.

1. Calculate the total for the Materials Requisition form. Post the information (cost and requisition number) from the Materials Requisition form to the Job Record in the ­appropriate boxes.
2. Complete the labor time records for each of the employees. Once the labor time ­record is completed, post the information relevant to Job 1102 to the Job Cost ­Record for Job Cost 1102.
3. Manufacturing overhead has already been added to the Job Cost Record. Complete the Job Cost Record by calculating the total job cost and the cost per unit. Remember that this job consisted of 30 feeders(units).

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