Part 1 Even after the recent public experiment about cereal
Part 1 Even after the recent public experiment about cereal box weights, Consumers Concerned About Cereal Cheaters (CCACC) remains convinced that Oxford Cereals has misled the public. The group has created and circulated More Cheating. pdf, a document in which it claims that ce-real boxes produced at Plant Number 2 in Springville weigh less than the claimed mean of 368 grams. Review this document and then answer the following questions:
1. Do the CCACC’s results prove that there is a statistically significant difference in the mean weights of cereal boxes produced at Plant Numbers 1 and 2?
2. Perform the appropriate analysis to test the CCACC’s hypothesis. What conclusions can you reach based on the data?
Part 2 Apply your knowledge about ANOVA in this part, which continues the cereal- fill packaging dispute Digital Case. After reviewing the CCACC’s MoreCheating.pdf document, Oxford Cereals has released SecondAnalysis.pdf, a press kit that Oxford Cereals has assembled to ­refute the claim that it is guilty of using selective data. Review the Oxford Cereals press kit and then answer the following questions.
3. Does Oxford Cereals have a legitimate argument? Why or why not?
4. Assuming that the samples Oxford Cereals has posted were randomly selected, perform the appropriate analysis to resolve the ongoing weight dispute.
5. What conclusions can you reach from your results? If you were called as an expert witness, would you sup-port the claims of the CCACC or the claims of Oxford Cereals? Explain.
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