Part 1 Morris Printing manufactures high speed printers On January 1
Part 1. Morris Printing manufactures high-speed printers. On January 1, of year 1,Morris Printing recently paid $700,000 for a patent on a new laser printer. Although it gives legal protection for 20 years, the patent is expected to provide a competitive advantage for only 8 years. Using the straight-line method of amortization, make journal entries to record
(a) The purchase of the patent and
(b) Amortization for year 1.
Part 2. After using the patent for five years, Morris Printing learns at an industry trade show that another company is designing a more efficient printer. On the basis of this new information, Morris Printing decides, starting with year 6, to amortize the remaining cost of the patent over two remaining years, giving the patent a total useful life of seven years. Record amortization for year 6.

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