Part A. Identify the following questions as most likely to be asked by an internal (I) or an External (E) user of accounting information.
1. What are reasonable payroll benefits and wages?
2. Should we make a five-year loan to that business?
3. What are the costs of our product’s ingredients?
4. Do income levels justify the current stock price?
5. Should we spend additional money for redesign of our product?
6. Which firm reports the highest sales and income?
7. What are the costs of our service to customers?
Part B. Identify the following users of accounting information as either an internal (I) or an external (E) user.
_________ 1. Research and development director
_________ 5. Distribution managers
_________ 2. Human resources director
_________ 6. Creditors
_________ 3. Nonexecutive employee
_________ 7. Production supervisors
_________ 4. Shareholders
_________ 8. Purchasing manager

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