Participants were asked how many times in the past year
Participants were asked how many times in the past year they had experienced at least one of the 13 hangover symptoms listed. Responses were categorized as 0 times, 1–2 times, 3–11 times, 12–51 times, and > 52 times. For the purposes of this exercise, responses have been categorized as less than an average of once a month (0–11 times) versus 12 or more
times. The Minitab output at the top of the page shows the frequency of symptoms cat­egorized in this way versus the categorical variable male, female. (The format is slightly different from the format shown in Figures 13.1 and 13.2 because a different version of Minitab was used.) In this exercise and the next, we will determine if there is convincing evidence that one of the two sexes is more likely than the other to experience hangover symptoms at least once a month, on average. State the null and alternative hypotheses being tested. Make your answer specific to this situation.
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