Question: Pasta House Inc was organized in January 2011 During the

Pasta House Inc. was organized in January 2011. During the year, the transactions below and on p. 96 occurred:
a. On January 14, Pasta House sold Martin Halter, the firm’s founder and sole owner, 10,000 shares of its common stock for $8 per share.
b. On the same day, Bank One loaned Pasta House $45,000 on a 10-year note payable.
c. On February 22, Pasta House purchased a building and the land on which it stands from Frank Jakubek for $34,000 cash and a 5-year, $56,000 note payable. The land and building had appraised values of $30,000 and $60,000, respectively.
d. On March 1, Pasta House signed an $15,000 contract with Cosby Renovations to remodel the inside of the building. Pasta House paid $4,000 down and agreed to pay the remainder when Cosby completed its work.
e. On May 3, Cosby completed its work and submitted a bill to Pasta House for the remaining $11,000.
f. On May 20, Pasta House paid $11,000 to Cosby Renovations.
g. On June 4, Pasta House purchased restaurant supplies from Glidden Supply for $650 cash.
Prepare a journal entry for each of these transactions.

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