Patients who undergo chronic hemodialysis often experience severe anxiety. Videotapes of progressive relaxation exercises were shown to one group of patients and neutral videotapes to another group. Then both groups took the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory, a psychiatric questionnaire used to measure anxiety, on which higher scores correspond to higher anxiety. In the paper "The Effectiveness of Progressive Relaxation in Chronic Hemodialysis Patients" (Journal of Chronic Diseases, Vol. 35, No. 10), R. Alarcon et al. presented the results of the study. The following data give score results for the group that viewed relaxation-exercises videotapes. Use limit grouping with a first class of 12-17 and a class width of 6.
a. Determine a frequency distribution.
b. Obtain a relative-frequency distribution.
c. Construct a frequency histogram based on your result from part (a).
d. Construct a relative-frequency histogram based on your result from part (b).

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