Question: Paul Bergey is in charge of loading cargo ships for

Paul Bergey is in charge of loading cargo ships for International Cargo Company (ICC) at the port in Newport News, Virginia. Paul is preparing a loading plan for an ICC freighter destined for Ghana. An agricultural commodities dealer would like to transport the following products aboard this ship.

Paul can elect to load any and/or all of the available commodities. However, the ship has three cargo holds with the following capacity restrictions:

Only one type of commodity can be placed into any cargo hold. However, because of balance considerations, the weight in the forward cargo hold must be within 10% of the weight in the rear cargo hold and the center cargo hold must be between 40% to 60% of the total weight on board.
a. Formulate an ILP model for this problem.
b. Create a spreadsheet model for this problem and solve it using Solver.
c. What is the optimalsolution?
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