Peachtree Company uses a sales journal a purchases journal a
Peachtree Company uses a sales journal, a purchases journal, a cash receipts journal, a cash disbursements journal, and a general journal. The following transactions occur in the month of May.
May 1 Purchased $ 10,100 of merchandise on credit from Krause, Inc., terms n/30.
8 Sold merchandise costing $ 900 on credit to G. Seles for $ 1,500 subject to a $ 30 sales discount if paid by the end of the month.
14 Purchased $ 240 of store supplies from Chang Company on credit, terms n/30.
17 Purchased $ 260 of office supplies on credit from Monder Company, terms n/30.
24 Sold merchandise costing $ 400 to D. Air for $ 650 cash.
28 Purchased store supplies from Porter’s for $ 90 cash.
29 Paid Krause, Inc., $ 10,100 cash for the merchandise purchased on May 1.
Prepare headings for a purchases journal like the one in Exhibit 7.9. Journalize the May transactions that should be recorded in the purchases journal.

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