Question: Peanut Company acquired 100 percent of Snoopy Company s outstanding common

Peanut Company acquired 100 percent of Snoopy Company’s outstanding common stock for $300,000 on January 1, 20X8, when the book value of Snoopy’s net assets was equal to $300,000.
Problem 2-27 summarizes the first year of Peanut’s ownership of Snoopy.
Problem 2-27

Peanut uses the cost method to account for investments. The following trial balance summarizes the financial position and operations for Peanut and Snoopy as of December 31, 20X9:

a. Prepare any cost method journal entry(ies) related to the investment in Snoopy Company during 20X9.
b. Prepare a consolidation worksheet for 20X9 in goodform.
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