Penn Company leased a production machine to its 80%-owned subsidiary, Smith Company. The lease agreement, dated January 1, 2011, requires Smith to pay $18,000 each January 1 for three years. There is an unguaranteed residual value of $5,000. The machine cost $50,098. The present value of the machine at Penn’s 16% implicit interest rate was $50,098 on January 1, 2011. Smith also uses the 16% lessor implicit rate to record the lease. The machine is being depreciated over three years on a straight-line basis with a $5,000 salvage value. Lease payment amortization schedules are as follows:
1. Prepare the eliminations and adjustments required for this lease on the December 31, 2011, consolidated worksheet.
2. Prepare the eliminations and adjustments for the December 31, 2012, consolidated worksheet.

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