Performance Based Share Option Plan On January 1 2016 Rhine Company
Performance-Based Share Option Plan On January' 1, 2016, Rhine Company adopts a performance-based share option plan for its 80 key executives. Each executive is granted a maximum of 70 share options, but the number of options that vest depends on the percentage increase in Rhine’s sales over a 3-ycar service period. If by December 31, 2018, sales have increased by at least 10%, 50 options wall vest for each executive; if sales have increased by at least 15%, all 70 options will vest. On the grant date, Rhine estimates that its sales will increase by 12% over the service period, and that its employee turnover rate over the 3-vcar service period will be 6%. It also determines that the fair value of an option expected to vest is $13.40. At the end of 2018, actual sales had increased by 16% tor the service period, and the actual turnover was 6 key executives for the service period.
1. Prepare a schedule of Rhine’s computations for its compensatory' share option plan for 2016 through 2018 (round all computations to the nearest dollar).
2. Prepare the compensation expense journal entry' for 2016.
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