Question: Perspectives strategic objectives and potential performance measures for the balanced

Perspectives, strategic objectives, and potential performance measures for the balanced scorecard at Holiday Resorts are as follows:
I. Financial
II. Customer
III. Internal business
IV. Learning and growth
Strategic objectives
a. Reduce housekeeping costs
b. Improve the quality of and results from advertising campaigns
c. Decrease vacancy rate during the off-season
d. Increase number of return customers
e. Increase overall profits
f. Increase the use of Web-based reservations
g. Retain high-quality employees
h. Increase the number of activities available to customers
i. Improve the quality of stay for vacationers
j. Provide employee training in quality customer service
k. Reduce error rate in reservations
Potential performance measures
1. Operating margin
2. Customer complaint rate
3. Survey customers at check-in to identify how they first heard about the resorts
4. Housekeeping cost per room
5. Number of employee hours spent in training
6. Error rate in reservation process
7. Percentage of reservations made using the Web site
8. Customer surveys about satisfaction and quality
9. Employee turnover rates
10. Number of activities per resort available to customers
11. Percentage and number of return customers
12. Number of hours of employee training offered
13. Vacancy rates
14. Customer focus groups inquiring about quality and potential success of advertising
15. Number of suggestions that improve quality of service

A. For each perspective (I–IV), identify at least one appropriate strategic objective (a–k).
B. For each strategic objective (a–k), identify at least one appropriate performance measure (1–15).

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