Peter Nelson is employed full time as an accountant by
Peter Nelson is employed full time as an accountant by an insurance company. In his spare time, he operates a secondary business as a self-employed wedding photographer. On January 3 of the current year, Peter purchased new video recording equipment for $22,600. Throughout this year, he used this equipment for personal enjoyment (filming his family members on holidays and during vacations). He also used the equipment for business purposes when a client wanted video coverage of a wedding. Peter did not purchase any other property for business use during the year. Peter kept a careful written record of the time that he used the video recording equipment for either personal or business reasons during the year. This record substantiates that he used the equipment 59 percent of the time for personal reasons and 41 percent of the time for business reasons. Can Peter elect to expense any of the cost of the video recording equipment under Section 179?
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