Question: Petrini Products Co has two departments Mixing and Cooking At

Petrini Products Co. has two departments: Mixing and Cooking. At the beginning of the month, Cooking had 4,000 units in process with costs of $8,600 from Mixing, and its own departmental costs of $500 for materials, $1,000 for labor, and $2,500 for factory overhead. During the month, 10,000 units were received from Mixing with a cost of $25,000. Cooking incurred costs of $4,250 for materials, $8,500 for labor, and $21,250 for factory overhead, and finished 12,000 units. At the end of the month, there were 2,000 units in process, one-half completed.
1. Determine the unit cost for the month in Cooking.
2. Determine the adjusted weighted average unit cost for all units received from Mixing.
3. Determine the unit cost of goods finished.
4. Determine the accumulated cost of the goods finished and of the ending work in process. (Round unit costs to three decimal places.)

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