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  • The electric field between the plates of a paper-separated (K = 3.75) capacitor is 8.24 X 104 V/m. The plates are 1.95mm apart, and the charge on each plate is 0.775μC. Determine the capacitance of this capacitor and the area of each plate.

  • 650 V is applied to a 2200-pF capacitor. How much energy is stored?

  • A cardiac defibrillator is used to shock a heart that is beating erratically. A capacitor in this device is charged to 5.0kV and stores 1200 J of energy. What is its capacitance?

  • How much energy is stored by the electric field between two square plates, 8.0 cm on a side, separated by a 1.5-mm air gap? The charges on the plates are equal and opposite and of magnitude 420μC.

  • A homemade capacitor is assembled by placing two pie pans 5 cm apart and connecting them to the opposite terminals of a 9-V battery. Estimate (a) The capacitance, (b) The charge on each plate,(c) The electric field halfway between the plates, and (d) The work done by the battery to charge the plates.(e) Which of the above values chan

  • A parallel-plate capacitor has fixed charges + Q and –Q. The separation of the plates is then double. (a) By what facto does the energy stored in the electric field change?(b) How much work must be done in doubling the plate separation from d to 2d? The area of each plate is A.

  • How does the energy stored in a capacitor change if? (a) The potential difference is double, and (b) The charge on each plate is doubled, as the capacitor remains connected to a battery?

  • A 2.70μF capacitor is charged by a 12.0-V battery. If is disconnected from the battery and then connected to an uncharged 4.00μF capacitor (Fig. 17-29). Determine the total stored energy. (a) Before the two capacitors are connect, and. (b) After they are connected. (c) What is the change in energy?

  • In a given CRT, electrons are accelerated horizontally by 7.0 kV. They then pass through a uniform electric field E for a distance of 2.8 cm, which deflects them upward so they reach the screen top 22cm away, 11 cm above the center. Estimate the value of E.

  • Electrons are accelerated by 6.0 kV in a CRT. The screen is 30 cm wide and is 34 cm from the 2.6-cm-long deflection plates. Over what range must the horizontally deflecting electric field vary to sweep the beam fully across the screen?