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  • Two parallel plates having charges of equal magnitude but opposite sign are separated by 12.0 cm. Each plate has a surface charge density of 36.0 nC/m2. A proton is released from rest at the positive plate. Determine (a) The potential difference between the plates, (b) The kinetic energy of the proton when it reaches the negative plat

  • Two parallel plates, connected to a 200-V power supply, are separated by an air gap. How small can the gap be if the air is not to become conducting by exceeding its breakdown value of E = 3 X 106 V/m?

  • Two particles, of charges q1 and q2 are separated by distance d in Figure. The net electric field due to the particles is zero at x = d/4, with V = 0 at infinity, locate (in terms of. d) any point on the x axis (other than at infinity) at which the electric potential due to the two particles iszero.

  • Two particles, with charges of 20.0 nC and - 20.0 nC, are placed at the points with coordinates (0, 4.00 cm) and (0, -4.00 cm), as shown in Figure P25.28. A particle with charge 10.0 nC is located at the origin. (a) Find the electric potential energy of the configuration of the three fixed charges. (b) A fourth particle, with a mass o

  • Two plastic spheres, each carrying charge uniformly distributed throughout its interior, are initially placed in contact and then released. One sphere is 60.0 cm in diameter, has mass 50.0 g and contains -10.0 µC of charge. The other sphere is 40.0 cm in diameter, has mass 150.0 g, and contains - 30.0 µC of charge. Find the maximum acce

  • Two point charges are fixed 4.0cm apart from each other. Their charges are Q1 = Q2 = 5.0μC, and their masses are m1 = 1.5mg and m2 = 2.5 mg. (a) If Q1 is released from rest, what will be its speed after a very long time? (b) If both charges are released from rest at the same time, what will be the speed of Q1 after a very long tim

  • Two point charges are moving to the right along the x-axis. Point charge 1 has charge ql = 2.00 µC mass ml = 6.00 X 10-5 kg, and speed u1 Point charge 2 is to the right of ql and has charge q2 = -5.00 µC, mass m2 = 3.00 X 10-5 kg, and speed u2. At a particular instant, the charges are separated by a distance of 9.00 mm and have speeds u

  • Two point charges of equal magnitude are located along the y axis equal distances above and below the x axis, as shown in Figure P25.30. (a) Plot a graph of the potential at points along the x axis over the interval -3a < x < 3a. You should plot the potential in units of keQ/a. (b) Let the charge located at - a be negative and plot th

  • Two point charges ql = +2.40 nC and q2 = -6.50 nC are 0.100 m apart. Point A is midway between them; point B is 0.050 m from ql and 0.060 m from q2 (Fig). Take the electric potential to be zero at infinity. Find (a) The potential at point A; (b) The potential at point B; (c) The work done by the electric field on a charge of 2.50 nC that

  • Two point charges, Q1 = + 5.00 nC and Q2 = -3.00 nC, are separated by 35.0 cm. (a) What is the potential energy of the pair? What is the significance of the algebraic sign of your answer? (b) What is the electric potential at a point midway between the charges?

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