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  • A 10-cm by 5-cm rectangular loop with resistance 2.5 Ω is pulled through a region of uniform magnetic field B = 1.7 T (Figure) with constant speed v = 2.4 cm/s. The front of the loop enters the region of the magnetic field at time t = 0. (a) Find and graph the flux through the loop as a function of time. (b) Find and graph the in

  • A 10.0-mH inductor carries a current I = I max sin 1t, with I max = 5.00 A and 1/2) = 60.0 Hz. What is the back emf as a function of time?

  • A 10.0-V battery, a 5.00-Ω. resistor, and a 10.0-H inductor are connected in series. After the current in the circuit has reached its maximum value, calculate (a) The power being supplied by the battery, (b) The power being delivered to the resistor, (c) The power being delivered to the inductor, and (d) The energy stored in t

  • A 100-turn circular coil has a diameter of 2.0 cm and resistance of 50 Ω. The plane of the coil is perpendicular to a uniform magnetic field of magnitude 1.0 T. The direction of the field is suddenly reversed. (a) Find the total charge that passes through the coil. If the reversal takes 0.1 s, find (b) The average current in the

  • A 100-turn coil has a radius of 4.0 cm and a resistance of 25 Ω. At what rate must a perpendicular magnetic field change to produce a current of 4.0 A in the coil?

  • A 100-turn square wire coil of area 0.040 m2 rotates about a vertical axis at 1 500 rev/min, as indicated in figure. The horizontal component of the Earth’s magnetic field at the location of the loop is 2.0 x 10–5 T. Calculate the maximum emf induced in the coil by the Earth’sfield.

  • A 12 H inductor carries a current of 2.0 A. At what rate must the current be changed to produce a 60 V emf in the inductor?

  • A 12.0-m-long steel beam is accidentally dropped by a construction crane from a height of 9.00 m. The horizontal component of the Earth’s magnetic field over the region is 18.0 µT. What is the induced emf in the beam just before impact with the Earth? Assume the long dimension of the beam remains in a horizontal plane, oriented perpend

  • A 12.0-V battery is connected into a series circuit containing a 10.0-. Resistor and a 2.00-H inductor, how long will it take the current to reach? (a) 50.0% and (b) 90.0% of its final value?

  • A 12.0-V battery is connected in series with a resistor and an inductor. The circuit has a time constant of 500 μs, and the maximum current is 200 mA. What is the value of the inductance?