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  • A Truck on a Drawbridge A loaded cement mixer drives onto an old drawbridge, where it stalls with its center of gravity three-quarters of the way across the span. The truck driver radios for help, sets the handbrake, and waits. Meanwhile, a boat approaches so the drawbridge is raised by means of a cable attached to the end opposite the hi

  • A non-uniform fire escape ladder is 6.0 m long when extended to the icy alley below. It is held at the top by a frictionless pivnt, and there is negligible frictional force from the icy surface at the bottom. The ladder weighs 250 N, and its center of gravity is 2.0 m along the ladder from its bottom. A mother and child of total weight 75

  • A uniform strut of mass m makes an angle 6 with the horizontal. It is supported by a frictionless pivot located at one-third its length from its lower left end and a horizontal rope at its upper right end. A cable and package of total weight w hang from its upper right end. (a) Find the vertical and horizontal components V and H of the pi

  • You are asked to design the decorative mobile shown in Fig. 11.44. The strings and rods have negligible weight, and the rods are to hang horizontally. (a) Draw a free-body diagram for each rod. (b) Find the weights of the balls A, B, and C. Find the tensions in the strings S1, S2, and S3, (c) What can you say about the horizontal location

  • A uniform, 7.5-m-long beam weighing 9000 N is hinged to a wall and supported by a thin cable attached 1.5 m from the free end of the beam. The cable runs between the beam and the wall and makes a 400 angle with the beam. What is the tension in the cable when the beam is at an angle of 30° above the horizontal?

  • A uniform drawbridge must be held at a 37° angle above the horizontal to allow ships to pass underneath. The drawbridge weighs 45,000 N and is 14.0 m long. A cable is connected 3.5 m from the hinge where the bridge pivots (measured along the bridge) and pulls horizontally on the bridge l0 hold it in place. (a) What is the tension in the

  • A uniform, 250-kg beam is supported by a cable connected to the ceiling, as shown /in Fig. 11.45. The lower end of the beam rests on the floor.(a) What is the tension in the cable? (b) What is the minimum coefficient of static friction between the beam and the floor required for the beam to remain in this position?

  • (a) In Fig. 11.46a6.00-mlong, uniform beam is hanging from a point 1.00 m to the right of its center. The beam weighs 140 N and makes an angle of 30.0° with the vertical. At the right-hand end of the beam a 100-N weight is bung; an unknown weight w bangs at the left end. If the system is in equilibrium, what is w? You can ignore the thic

  • A uniform, horizontal flagpole 5.00 m long with a weight of 200 N is hinged to a vertical wall at one end. A 600-N stuntwoman hangs from its other end. The flagpole is supported by a guy wire running from its outer end to a point on the wall directly above the pole.(a) If the tension in this wire is not to exceed 1000 N, what is the minim

  • A holiday decoration consists of two shiny glass spheres with masses 0.0240 kg and 0.0360 kg suspended, as shown in Fig. 11.47, from a uniform rod with mass 0.120 kg and length 1.00 m. The rod is suspended from the ceiling by a vertical cord at each end, so that it is horizontal. Calculate the tension in each of the cords A through F.