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  • A 1500-kg blue convertible is traveling south, and a 200D-kg red SUY is traveling west. If the total momentum of the system consisting of the two cars is 8000 kg m/s directed at 60.0° west of south, what is the speed of each vehicle?

  • A 2-kg particle rests on a smooth horizontal plane and is acted upon by forces Fx = 0 and Fy = 3N. If x = 0, y = 0, vx = 6 m/s, and vy = 2 m/s when t = o, determine the equation y = f (x) which describes the path.

  • A 2-lb ball is thrown in the direction shown with an initial speed VA = 18 ft/s. Determine the time needed for it to reach its highest point B and the speed at which it is traveling at B. Use the principle of impulse and momentum for the solution.

  • A 2.00-kg stone is sliding to the right on a frictionless horizontal surface at 5.00 m/s when it is suddenly struck by an object that exerts a large horizontal force on it for a short period of time. The graph in Fig. 8.34 shows the magnitude of this force as a function of time. (a) What impulse does this force exert on the stone? (b)

  • A 20-kg block is originally at rest on a horizontal surface for which the coefficient of static friction is μs = 0.6 and the coefficient of kinetic friction is μk = 0.5. If a horizontal force F is applied such that it caries with time as shown, determine the speed of the block in 10 s. Hint: First determine the time needed to ov

  • A 20-lb block slides down a 300 inclined plane with an initial velocity of 2 ft/s. Determine the velocity of the block in 3 s if the coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the plane is uk = 0.25

  • A 20.00-kg lead sphere is hanging from a hook by a thin wire 3.50 m long, and is free to swing in a complete circle. Suddenly it is struck horizontally by a 5.00-kg steel dart that embeds itself in the lead sphere. What must be the minimum initial speed of the dart so that the combination makes a complete circular loop after the collision

  • A 20.O-kg projectile is fired at an angle of 60.0 above the horizontal with a speed of 80.0 m/s. At the highest point of its trajectory, Ibe projectile explodes into two fragments with equal mass, one of which falls vertically with zero initial speed. You can ignore air resistance. (a) How far from the point of firing does the other fra

  • A 23'Tb (thorium) nucleus at rest decays to a 228Ra (radium) nucleus with the emission of an alpha particle. The total kinetic energy of the decay fragments is 6.54 X 10-13 J. An alpha particle has 1.16% of the mass of a 228Ra nucleus. Calculate the kinetic energy of (a) The recoiling 228Ra nucleus and (b) The alpha particle

  • A 3-lb block, initially at rest at point A, slides along the smooth parabolic surface. Determine the normal force acting on the block when it reaches B. Neglect the size of the block.