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  • A 40 kg girl and an 8.4 kg sled are on the frictionless ice of a frozen lake, 15 m apart but connected by u rope of negligible mass. The girl exerts a horizontal 5.2N force on the rope. What are the acceleration magnitudes of? (a) The sled and (b) The girl?(c) How far from the girl's initial position do theymeet?

  • Figure shows an overhead view of a 0.0250 kg lemon half and two of the three horizontal forces that act on it as it is on a frictionless table. Force F1 has a magnitude of 6.00 N and is at θ1 = 30.0o. Force F2 has a magnitude of 7.00 N and is at θ2 = 30.0o. In unit-vector notation, what is the third force if the lemon half (a)

  • A block is projected up a frictionless inclined plane with initial speed v0: 3.50 m/s. The angle of incline is θ = 32.0o. (a) How far up the plane does the block go? (b) How long does it take to get there? (c) What is its speed when it gets back to the bottom?

  • A 40 kg skier skis directly down a frictionless slope angled at l-0o to the horizontal. Assume the skier moves in the negative direction of an x axis along the slope. A wind force with component Fx acts on the skier. What is Fx if the magnitude of the skier's velocity is (a) Constant, (b) Increasing at a rate of 1.0 m/s2, and (c) Increasi

  • A sphere of mass 3.0 x 10-4 kg is suspended from a cord. A steady horizontal breeze pushes the sphere so that the cord makes a constant angle of 37o with the vertical. Find (a) The push magnitude and (b) The tension in the cord.

  • A dated box of dates, of mass 5.00 kg, is sent sliding up a frictionless ramp at an angle of θ to the horizontal. Figure gives, as a function of time t, the component vx of the box's velocity along an x axis that extends directly up the ramp. What is the magnitude of the normal force on the box from the ramp?

  • An elevator cab and its load have a combined mass of 1600 kg. Find the tension in the supporting cable when the cab, originally moving downward at 12 m/s, is brought to rest with constant acceleration in a distance of 42 m.

  • Holding on to a towrope moving parallel to a frictionless ski slope, a 50 kg skier is pulled up the slope, which is at an angle of 8.0o with the horizontal. What is the magnitude F rope of the force on the skier from the rope when (a) The magnitude y of the skier's velocity is constant at 2.0 m/s and (b) v = 2.0m/s as y increases at a rat

  • An elevator cab that weighs 27.8kN moves upward. What is the tension in the cable if the cab's speed is?(a) Increasing at a rate of 1 .22 m/s2 and (b) Decreasing at a rate of 1 .22 m/s2?

  • A lamp hangs vertically from a cord in a descending elevator that decelerates at 2.4 m/s2. (a) If the tension in the cord is 89 N what is the lamp's mass? (b) What is the cord's tension when the elevator ascends with an upward acceleration of 2.4 m/s2?