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  • A tuning fork is set into vibration above a vertical open tube filled with water (Fig. 12-35). The water level is allowed to drop slowly. As it does so, the air in the tube above the water level is heard to resonate with the tuning fork when the distance from the tube opening to the water level is 0.125 m and again at 0.395m. What is the

  • A tuning fork of unknown frequency makes 3.00 beats per second with a standard fork of frequency 384 Hz. The beat frequency decreases when a small piece of wax is put on a prong of the first fork. What is the frequency of this fork?

  • A tuning fork vibrating at 512 Hz falls from rest and accelerates at 9.80 m/s2. How far below the point of release is the tuning fork when waves of frequency 485 Hz reach the release point? Take the speed of sound in air to be 340 m/s.

  • A uniform 165-N bar is supported horizontally by two identical wires A and B (Fig. 16.43).Asmall185-N cube of lead is placed 3/4 of the way from A toB. The wires are each 75.0 cm long and have a mass 1 of 5.50 g. If both of them are simultaneously plucked at the center, what is the frequency of the heats that they will produce when vibrat

  • A uniform cylindrical steel wire, 55.0 cm long and 1.14 mm in diameter, is fixed at both ends. To what tension must it be adjusted so that, when vibrating in its first overtone, it produces the note D" of frequency 311 Hz? Assume that it stretches an insignificant amount.

  • A uniform narrow tube 1.80m long is open at both ends. It resonates at two successive harmonics of frequencies 275 Hz and 330 Hz. What is? (a) The fundamental frequency, and(b) The speed of sound in the gas in the tube?

  • A uniform rope with length L and mass m is held at one end and whirled in a horizontal circle with angular velocity w. You can ignore the force of gravity on the rope. Find the time required for a transverse wave to travel from one end of the rope to the other

  • A vacuum cleaner produces sound with a measured sound level of 70.0 dB. (a) What is the intensity of this sound in W/m2? (b) What is the pressure amplitude of the sound?

  • A vertical, 1.20-m length of 18-gauge (diameter of 1.024 mm) copper wire has a l00.0-N ball hanging from it (a) What is the wavelength of the third harmonic for this wire? (b) A 500.0-N ball now replaces the original ball. What is the change in the wavelength of the third harmonic caused by replacing the light ball with the heavy one? (Hi

  • A vibrating string 50.0 cm long is under a tension of 1.00 N. The results from five successive stroboscopic pictures are shown in Fig. 15.39. The strobe rate is set at 5000 flashes per minute, and observations reveal that the maximum displacement occurred at flashes 1 and 5 with no other maxima in between. (a) Find the period, frequency,