Piece of America POA hired Gray Loon Marketing to design
Piece of America (POA) hired Gray Loon Marketing to design and publish its website. Gray Loon finished the site in December 2003 at a final cost of about $8,500. Once the website was running to POA's satisfaction, it paid Gray Loon in full during the first quarter of 2004. In April 2004, POA requested that Gray Loon make several changes, some of which required major programming work. Gray Loon immediately began the requested alterations. Gray Loon subsequently sent POA a bill for $5,224.50. POA's representative stated he did not have any issues with the invoice, but POA needed time to obtain additional funds. During this period, Gray Loon was also charging POA $75 a month for hosting the site. Once Gray Loon published the modified website, it remained available from July to September 2004. Gray Loon filed suit against POA and its principals for nonpayment.
Does the UCC apply to this contract?

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