Place the corresponding letter of the definition next to the term.
_____ 1. Unqualified opinion
_____ 2. Audit
_____ 3. IFRS
_____ 4. GAAP
_____ 5. External audit
_____ 6. CPA
_____ 7. FASB
_____ 8. Qualified opinion
_____ 9. IASB
_____ 10. GAAS
(use these definitions)
a. An audit opinion which brings attention to special circumstances.
b. Accounting standards issued by FASB and used in the US.
c. Auditing standards developed by the AICPA.
d. Issues accounting standards that are used in the United States.
e. An audit performed by an independent CPA.
f. An examination of the financial statements.
g. An accountant who is licensed to practice by one of the states.
h. Issues accounting standards that are utilized internationally.
i. An audit opinion which states that the financial statements are fairly presented.
j. International accounting standards issued by the IASB.

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