Question: Place the letter of the terms at the right to

Place the letter of the terms at the right to the left of the numbered terms at the left. The same term at the right may be a proper match in more than one instance, and one or more of the terms may have an appropriate match:
2. Auditee b. Audited Nonfederal Entity
3. Data Collection Form c. Expend $.01 of FFA
4. FFA d. Expend $5.00 of FFA
5. GAGAS e. Expend $500,000 of FFA
6. GAO Auditing Standards f. Expend $1,000,000 of FFA
7. Low-Risk Auditee g. Federal Food Audit
8. Program-Specific Audit h. Federal Financial Assistance
9. Risk-Based Approach—Major Programs i. GAO Auditing Standards
10. Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards j. Government Auditing Standards
k. OMB Circular A-133
11. Single Audit Standards l. Receive $.01 of FFA
12. Single Audit Threshold m. Receive $500,000 of FFA
13. Type A n. Smaller FFA Programs
14. Type B o. Larger FFA Programs
15. Yellow Book p. Statements on Auditing Standards (SAS)

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