Question: Plants emit gases that trigger the ripening of fruit attract

Plants emit gases that trigger the ripening of fruit, attract pollinators, and cue other physiological responses. N. Agelopolous et al. examined factors that affect the emission of volatile compounds by the potato plant Solanum tuberosom and published their findings in the paper “Factors Affecting Volatile Emissions of Intact Potato Plants, Solanum tuberosum: Variability of Quantities and Stability of Ratios” (Journal of Chemical Ecology, Vol. 26(2), pp. 497–511). The volatile compounds analyzed were hydrocarbons used by other plants and animals. Following are data on plant weight (x), in grams, and quantity of volatile compounds emitted (y), in hundreds of nanograms, for 11 potato plants.
For each exercise here, discuss what satisfying Assumptions 1–3 for regression inferences by the variables under consideration would mean.

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