Question: PlayTime Inc is a leading manufacturer of sporting equipment The

PlayTime, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of sporting equipment. The company is in the process of evaluating the best use of its Plastics Division, which is currently manufacturing molded fishing tackle boxes. The company manufactures and sells 8,000 tackle boxes annually, making full use of its available capacity. The selling prices and costs of the tackle boxes are as follows:

Managers believe they could sell 12,000 tackle boxes if the company had sufficient manufacturing capacity. Rod-N-Reel has offered to supply 9,000 tackle boxes per year at a price of $68 per box, including delivery to PlayTime’s facility. Cedric Smith, Playtime’s product manager, believes the company could make better use of its plastics department by manufacturing skateboards. A marketing report indicates that 17,500 skateboards could be sold at a price of $45 each. Variable costs to make the boards would be $22.50 per board.

Playtime has three options:
1. Make and sell 8,000 tackle boxes.
2. Make 8,000 tackle boxes, buy 4,000 additional tackle boxes, and sell 12,000 tackle boxes.
3. Make and sell 17,500 skateboards, and buy and sell 9,000 tackle boxes.

Compare the company’s operating income under the threeoptions.

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