Question: Pleasant Stay Medical Inc wishes to determine its product costs

Pleasant Stay Medical Inc. wishes to determine its product costs. Pleasant Stay offers a variety of medical procedures (operations) that are considered its “products.” The overhead has been separated into three major activities. The annual estimated activity costs and activity bases are provided below.

Total “patient days” are determined by multiplying the number of patients by the average length of stay in the hospital. A weighted care unit (WCU) is a measure of ­nursing effort used to care for patients. There were 192,000 weighted care units estimated for the year. In addition, Pleasant Stay estimated 6,000 patients and 27,000 patient days for the year. (The average patient is expected to have a little more than a four-day stay in the hospital.) During a portion of the year, Pleasant Stay collected patient information for three selected procedures, as shown below.

Private insurance reimburses the hospital for these activities at a fixed daily rate of $ 406 per patient day for all three procedures.

1. Determine the activity rates.
2. Determine the activity cost for each procedure.
3. Determine the excess or deficiency of reimbursements to activity cost.
4. Interpret yourresults.

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