Please answer all question Complete the following by inserting either a "+" or a "-" sign in the appropriate cell. GB 518 Unit 01 Assignment
If the transactions both increases and decreases a column, use a "+ / -".
The first transaction is complete for you as an example.
Name --> William Overland
Transaction Transaction Total Total Total Net Operating Financing Investing
Number Description Assets Liabilities Equity Income Activity Activity Activity
1 Owner invests cash in exchange for stock + +
2 Incurs legal costs on credit
3 Pays cash for employee wages
4 Borrows cash by signing long-term note payable
5 Receives cash for services provided
6 Buys land by signing note payable
7 Buys office equipment for cash
8 Provides services on credit
9 Collects cash on receivable from transaction (8)
10 Pays cash dividend

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