Question: Please match each item on the left with the best

Please match each item on the left with the best item on the right.
1. Areas of responsibility
2. Document flowchart
3. Hardware flowchart
4. Inverted triangle
5. Origin and termination
6. Overlapping shapes
7. Program flowchart
8. Spotting internal control deficiencies
9. Systems flowchart
10. Title
a. A flowchart depicting the process of buying a car
b. Based on lines of computer code
c. Can trace remittance advices and invoices through a system
d. Documents in a flowchart should have these
e. Every flowchart should have one of these
f. One application of flowcharting in AIS
g. Represents a file in a flowchart
h. Shows monitors, input devices, and computers
i. Used to show multiple copies of a document
j. What columns represent in a flowchart

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